Minecraft Christmas gifts

Minecraft-inspired real objects are not uncommon. If you wish, you can buy everything from plush sheep to trinkets in the shape of a pickaxe. But it is much more interesting when these items are created with your own hands. And a lot of such items were created in the form of Christmas gifts.

Christmas trees
One player made a Minecraft Christmas tree. In my opinion, there is not much snow, but it still looks very cool.

If there is not enough space in the room, but there is a 3D printer available, then you can make just such a tree of creepers.

Christmas cookies
Some players decided to bake Christmas cookies as a treat.

Player Toster495 did something like this: minecraft mods

RoyalRanger524 decided to bake cookies in the form of a gast – it turned out better.

And player The_KillerMerauder72 himself did nothing, but showed the cookies that his mom’s colleague baked.

Gifts are the most important thing
What New Year without gifts? Perhaps this is the main theme of all the New Year’s Minecraft crafts.

Reddit user FattoBulbins said that his girlfriend sewed him a pillow in the form of a slug from Minecraft. Jumping on such a slug is not worth it, but as an interior item, it looks pretty funny.

But player arcticvos was presented with a minecraft chest. The role of gold and metal ingots was made by chocolates in the corresponding wrapper.

Reddit user starkytower revealed a gift box she made for her nephew. Great chest!

Funkyfrruitbuns boasted a record box made by his father.

But the coolest, it seems to me, gift is a world map printed on a tree that smik240sx presented to his friend. They are both playing in this world.

But maybe I’m wrong, and this patchwork that knitted plallen7 to her stepson is still cooler. It took 4 months to work. Creeper, however, turned out to be a little strange. Perhaps captured at the time of the explosion.

And, of course, it was impossible to do without the diamond swords that unluckypig made to his sons.

Minecraft 2 is certainly out the cards today

And also, Minecraft hits 91 million active regular monthly gamers

Speaking throughout a meeting with Company Insider, Microsoft has exposed that there are currently no strategies to create a sequel to Minecraft.

‘ I truly do not believe that makes good sense for Minecraft, provided the area,’ revealed Helen Chiang, head of Minecraft at the Xbox style owner. ‘It’s something that constantly fractures the area.’

To be reasonable, there’s probably no requirement to service a sequel now anyway provided just how prominent Minecraft is. The game is now bring in 91 million regular monthly energetic individuals, and also has offered over 150 million duplicates worldwide.

That indicates it’s the second best-selling video game of perpetuity, behind only Tetris. Blimey.

Moreover, Mojang imaginative lead Jens Bergensten provided a lot more food for assumed regarding why Minecraft 2 wouldn’t really make sense.

‘I don’t think there’s really a demand for Minecraft 2,’ Bergentsen commented. ‘You would have the ability to create a Minecraft 2 game in Minecraft.’ Asset, innit?

Minecraft was initially launched back in 2009 and has struck practically every platform available. While no true follow up has actually been released, Minecraft has actually been sustained with countless spinoffs and material packs, consisting of Minecraft: Story Setting, Education Edition, and the upcoming Dungeons.

The creators of Final Fantasy XV and Street Fighter V presented the adventure of No Straight Roads

Metronomik Studio, founded by Final Fantasy XV lead game designer Van Hazmer and Street Fighter V concept artist Dime Ziauddin, spoke about her debut game No Straight Roads. Her announcement was made last year, and the developers have already managed to show the gameplay at the Taipei Game Show and get a number of awards.

When creating the game, the developers wanted to enhance the role of sound and music, while not turning No Straight Roads into a rhythmic game. Here music can change the world, turning elements of the environment into weapons. At the same time, it itself changes depending on the chosen style of play: from rock to dance electronics. And the player will gain an advantage if he catches the connection between the musical line and the bosses attacks.

The plot of No Straight Roads is dedicated to an independent rock band that has entered into a confrontation with a powerful record company. On the side of the EDM-empire act as its producers, and musicians who signed the contract and changed their ideals in favor of the popular genre.
No Straight Roads will be released in the spring of 2019 on PC and PS4.